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Make Room For Baby: 4 Tips To A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant, you need to start thinking about things a little differently, especially when it comes to some of your daily activities. Making slight changes to your life will help you have a healthy pregnancy. In most cases, you won't need to make big changes to receive maximum benefit and avoid discomfort. Here are four simple steps you should take to keep yourself healthy and comfortable during your pregnancy.

1. Rethink the Way You Do Chores

When it comes to pregnancy, one of the things you'll need do will involve rethinking the way you do your chores. Some of the things you did before your pregnancy won't be so safe for you now. For instance, you should avoid using harsh chemicals while you're pregnant. The fumes can be harmful for you and your baby. It's also important that you take care when using step ladders, especially as you get into the last trimester of your pregnancy. The added weight, and the size of your belly can put you off-balance, which can cause you to fall. Instead, switch to natural cleaning products, and have someone else use the stepladder for a while.

2. Pamper Your Feet

It's not uncommon for your feet and ankles to swell during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the swelling can lead to pain and discomfort. To help alleviate foot pain and swelling, it's important that you pamper your feet during pregnancy. First, invest in a comfortable pair of shoes. Second, stop wearing high-heeled shoes. Finally, sit back and elevate your feet at least once a day. If you notice severe swelling in your feet and ankles, you should talk to your doctor. Severe swelling can be a sign of pregnancy-related health problems.

3. Change the Way You Think About Your Snacks

While you're pregnant, it's important that you watch your weight, which means you might need to change the way you think about your snacks. Switch to healthy snacks such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of soda that you consume on a daily basis, and increase the amount of water that you drink each day. If you've got cravings, go ahead and indulge from time to time, but try to keep your unhealthy snacks to a minimum while you're pregnant.

4. Lather on the Sunscreen

You might not realize this, but while you're pregnant you may be more susceptible to sunburns. To protect your skin, be sure to lather on the sunscreen each time you go outside. This will help protect your skin from sunburn. Not only that, but it will add extra moisture that your skin will need while you're pregnant.

Now that you're pregnant, use the tips provided here to keep yourself healthy, and avoid common discomforts. Talk to your pregnancy care doctor about other simple ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy.