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Why Do You Assume You're Infertile Or Incapable Of Having A Child?

Don't fall into the trap of assuming you're infertile. First, ask yourself why you think you're infertile. Many women assume they're infertile based on anecdotal evidence and preconceived notions. Have you heard the old saying about making assumptions? Here's a look at some of the assumptions many women tend to make when it comes to infertility.

You Assume You're the Reason Why You're Still Not Pregnant

Many women automatically assume they're the reason why they can't conceive. In truth, a ridiculous amount of possible reasons can explain why conception isn't happening for you. In many cases, your partner may well have the issue preventing pregnancy.

Many men suffer from issues such as abnormal sperm or low sperm count. Men too should never assume when it comes to infertility. They have a duty to see a healthcare professional concerning infertility just as much as a woman in these situations.

You Assume You Need to Relax and Just Let It Happen

Sometimes pregnancy needs assistance. A lot of people out there think pregnancy will happen when it will happen. Many women take a fatalist approach to this situation. For example, time goes by, and you never conceive. So, you assume you're infertile and having a child just isn't "meant to be."

If pregnancy doesn't happen for you, it's not a guarantee of infertility. This is an assumption that can seriously harm your state of mind and make you always wonder.

You Assume "Infertile" Means You'll Never Have a Baby

Infertility isn't a term that means never. It's a term that means you haven't conceived within a year of having regular sexual intercourse. At some point, the year mark became the standard, as the majority of women tend to conceive within that period. It doesn't mean you will never have a child or you're incapable of having a child.

You Assume Too Much

When it comes to reproduction, don't make quick assumptions. Don't listen to old wives' tales or anybody who thinks they know what's going on with you and your body.

The only way you can figure out if you're infertile to any degree is by speaking to your OB/GYN or an infertility doctor. Include your partner in the conversation as well, as they may also have some assumptions of their own.

Once you speak to a professional, you can start working on solutions. Even if you find you have issues that complicate your ability to conceive, it doesn't mean you have no possible options. 

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