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Unsure About Having an Abortion? Your Clinic Can Offer Counseling

Moving forward with an abortion is never a decision that you should take lightly. If you're newly pregnant but feel unsure that having a child is the right decision for you, you might decide to visit an abortion clinic for more information. It's valuable to realize that many abortion clinics can provide counseling for you as you navigate this uncertain time. This is advantageous because the counseling is free, and the counselor doesn't have an agenda. Here are three ways a counselor will help you.

They Will Explain the Process

You might feel inclined to have an abortion, but be a bit unsure about going through with it because you're not sure about what the process entails. Your counselor will talk to you about the two common types of abortion, medical and surgical, and also help you to decide which might be the better choice for you. You'll have lots of questions about the procedure and how you'll feel afterward, and your counselor can gently help you to gain a better understanding of what is involved.

They Will Discuss Your Emotional Health

There's no question that while many people get abortions and are happy with their decisions, they do experience some emotional issues afterward. Guilt and sometimes second-guessing yourself can come up, so you can count on your counselor talking about these and other emotions that you might experience, as well as how to manage them in a healthy manner. At many abortion clinics, counselors are available to you not only as you try to make your decision, but also afterward if you choose to go through with the procedure and require some counseling later on.

They Can Offer Connection With Others

Although many women who have had abortions are highly private about their experiences, this isn't always the case. At some abortion clinics, your counselor can get you in touch with women who have been through the process that you're evaluating right now, and they can be a valuable resource in helping you understand this challenging time.

Sometimes, volunteers at the clinic will be in this situation, and can talk to you right on the spot. In other cases, you may be given the name and phone number of someone who once stood in your shoes and helps the clinic by connecting with women who are considering whether or not to have an abortion.

To learn more about the process, contact clinics such as Abortion Care.