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3 Things That Can Make Your Vision Worse

If you already have to wear glasses or contacts to correct your vision, you may not realize that some habits may be making your vision worse. There are some things can can cause your eyesight to deteriorate more rapidly. Here are some common cause of further vision impairment. 

1. Repeated close-vision work.

Do you spend a lot of your time reading, studying, or doing other hobbies that require you to look closely at things that are near your face? This type of work is called close-point stress, and it essentially makes it even more difficult for you to see things that are further away. Ideally, people should have a good blend of vision work, where they take frequent breaks from looking at things close to them in order to see things that are farther away. You should be mindful that looking at close-up things for hours on end could make your current prescription worse. 

2. Screen exposure.

Many people spend hours a day looking at a screen. This screen time directly affects the eyes, and it will get worse the longer you continue to use the computer. Computers (and phones and tablets) are a source of near-point stress, and you don't often look away when using the screen. But, the light from the screen is bright and it can cause fatigue and eye strain. Your eyes also get dry and itchy from prolonged screen use because looking at screen disrupts your normal blink pattern. If you work on the computer, try to space the time throughout the day and to not use your laptop or desktop for entertainment breaks. Instead, go outside to get some increased vision depth exposure, or do another activity, like cooking a meal or talking to a friend. 

3. Leaving your sunglasses at home.

Many people who wear glasses don't like the idea of shelling out dollars for another pair, but not wearing sunglasses will harm your vision further for a number of reasons. Not only does intense sun exposure increase your risk for eye diseases, but you must squint in order to deal with the glare of bright sun. Squinting to see can affect your vision permanently if you spend enough time outdoors. It might seem like a silly expense, but getting some sunglasses or at least a pair of glasses with lens transitions can help to preserve your eye health.

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