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How To Prevent An Odor From Coming From Your Ostomy Bag

If you have damage to your large intestine, then you may need an ostomy. When this occurs, your colon is unable to remove feces and gas from your body. If gas and feces buildup, then your colon can rupture, which is life threatening. Read on to find out how an ostomy deodorizer can help your ostomy bag smell fresh.

Repair Your Colon With A Colostomy

A colostomy is a common type of ostomy. It is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in your last intestine for the release of bodily wastes. This procedure is done when a portion of your colon is removed. The leftover colon or stoma is bought forward to your abdominal wall. The stoma can be the end of the small bowel, ureter or large bowel. After removing the large intestine, you are going to need something to capture your body waste.

Choosing A Pouching System

You will need a pouching system after going through a colostomy. A pouch is fitted over your stoma to collect your urine and stool. It is designed to protect your skin from the output of your stoma.

There are certain things to consider when choosing the right pouching system. These things include location of your stoma, size of your stoma, firmness of your stomach, body weight and your height. Location is very important. If your stoma is located near your waistline, groin or hipbone, then special changes have to be made. In these cases, you would need a custom pouch to fit your situation.

Use Deodorizer To Eliminate Odor

Many stoma bags are not made with odor filters. You should not smell any odor except when changing and emptying your bag. Some people have problems with smells if there is a leak or a change in their diet. Certain foods can affect the smell of your body waste. If you are wearing a pouch for the first time, then you have to get familiar with your body. As you get familiar with wearing the pouch, you will know how your body reacts to certain things.

You can counter the odor by getting ostomy deodorizer for your bag. It works by putting drops in your pouch after emptying the contents. A deodorizer should get rid of any lingering smells.

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