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Three Little Known Newborn Tips Every New Parent Should Know

When it comes to raising kids, especially your first, it truly does take a village, which is why there is so much basic information on raising newborns flooding the internet. While you may come across many of the same tips for surviving the first few years of life, there are just a few pointers that aren't addressed nearly as often, but still provide parents with much-needed relief. Here are three little-known newborn tips.

  1. Onesies Can be Pulled Down: The reason onesies are designed the way that they are with the shoulder flaps is so you are able to pull the onesie down the shoulders whenever it is needed. When would this be? Well, when they have their first blowout diaper. Rather than having to pull this mess over baby's head, simply pull it down to avoid it. By the way, blowout diapers are nothing to be concerned about. It's completely normal, especially since newborns are mostly just consuming liquid at this point. The only time there should be concern is if you notice signs of blood. 
  2. Don't Wash the New Clothes Yet: Many parents wash the new clothes they buy for their newborn before the baby is even here. While this is important, it's better to wash clothes you know they are going to wear right away and leave the tags on clothes that they aren't going to be wearing just yet whether it be because it's out of season or a bit too big for them. Your baby is going to grow faster than you think and by the time they are ready to wear certain things, the clothing might be too small. Don't be alarmed if your baby seems to be losing weight at any point though. This is normal, but it will go back up fairly quickly. 
  3. A Rectal Temperature is Best: What many parents don't realize is that taking baby's temperature rectally is best. This is going to provide the most accurate information, which can definitely help ease your mind if the temperature is coming up high anywhere else. However, when it comes to newborns, they should be seen by their doctor right away if the temperature is over 100. The only time this isn't considered to be an emergency is right after vaccinations. If there is a temperature during this time, it should fall within 24 hours. If not, schedule an appointment. 

These are just three of the lesser-known tips for new parents that even some second and third time parents might not be aware of. Knowing them just makes life with a new baby a bit easier. Talk to a local clinic that offers pediatrician services to learn more.