Understanding Medical Problems

Incorporating Physical Therapy Into Urgent Care Services

Many Americans are unaware that urgent care clinics are now including physical therapy in their roster of services. As walk-in clinics compete with traditional healthcare facilities for customers though, urgent care clinics have been making their mark in offering services you the customers want and at your convenience too. So urgent care is expanding the range of services they offer to include ongoing long-term physical therapy care.

Follow-Up Physical Therapy Care At Urgent Care Facilities

Wise thinking dictates that follow-up care is best given by the same facilities where you were treated for your initial injury. So if your initial injury was treated at an urgent care facility, there is no reason to have you running around to find a physical therapist when the urgent center care's physical therapy unit answers that need with state of the art equipment that's manned by highly-trained and licensed physical therapists.

Benefiting From Physical Therapy

You can definitely benefit from physical therapy offered at urgent care centers. Physical therapists at these centers treat sports injuries, joint pain as well as back and neck pain. Strains and sprains are common injuries that young and particularly older patients experience. Carpal tunnel syndrome diagnoses are numerous, and the use of computers and other electronic equipment increase the chances of your suffering from carpal tunnel injury.

You can expect to have manual therapy and work conditioning as well as modes that address pain control and inflammation. Patient education is emphasized at urgent centers. You'll be assessed for your particular issues that could involve the need for home exercise training, strengthening regimen exercises as well as gait analysis.

Chronic Back Pain And Degenerative Disk Disease

So many people suffer from chronic back pain and degenerative disk disease. Some patients choose to undergo surgical intervention in order to overcome the pain they endure from year to year. Research analysts are reporting that the outcomes from those who undergo lumbar fusion procedures and those who undergo nonoperative physical therapy are identical. It's fair to say that you're better off starting and completing a program of physical therapy rather than undergoing surgery for chronic back pain problems. This is something you should discuss with your physician or your physical therapy professional.

Resuming A Better Quality Of Life

Physical therapy offers you hope to resume a better quality of life, and that service now comes to you when you are treated at urgent care centers for follow-up care in the form of physical therapy that's specifically recommended for your aftercare.