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Looking Ahead To LASIK? Here's How You Can Get Ready For The Surgery!

Do you have LASIK surgery scheduled in the near future? This can be a very exciting time, because you know that you'll have much clearer and generally improved vision very soon. However, many people feel worried about their preparation for LASIK. The good news is that LASIK prep is probably much easier than you ever imagined. Here's how you can get ready for your upcoming LASIK with confidence. 

One to Two Weeks Before Your LASIK Surgery

Your LASIK doctor will give you a specific list of pre-op instructions a week or two ahead of time. While these instructions can vary from one doctor to another, you can expect to receive guidelines that include many of the following: 

On Surgery Day

On the day of the surgery, make sure that you do all of the following to get the best results from your LASIK surgery:

Feel ready for your LASIK surgery yet? Using the tips above, you'll be enjoying the clearest and best vision that you've ever had! For more information on preparing for your own LASIK surgery, contact companies like The Eye Center Inc