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Three Animals That Can Benefit From Chiropractic Adjustments

If you're someone who has relied on a chiropractor for occasional pain relief or constant maintenance of a healthy body over the years, you know just how helpful spine and joint adjustments can be. You'd likely want any pet that you own to feel the same relief that you experience upon going through a chiropractic adjustment, so it makes sense to seek out a chiropractor in your area that specializes in caring for animals. If you're not sure which clinic to contact, consult your veterinarian — often, vet clinics work closely with chiropractic professionals. Here are three animals that you may own and that chiropractors can treat.


Many dog owners rely on help from local chiropractors to treat their animals. Dogs can develop many different issues for which chiropractic care can be of value. For example, many dogs enjoy rough play with their owners and even with other dogs, and it's possible for a dog's back or a hip joint to get hurt in such an exchange. You may notice your dog limping to some degree, or it may be reluctant to enjoy usual activities such as going on walks. A chiropractic assessment and some adjustments can help to clear up the issue and make your pet feel better.


Cats enjoy a high degree of nimbleness and quickness, but behaviors such as jumping to and from high areas around the house can potentially take their toll. For example, a cat won't hesitate to jump to the floor from a high shelf, but the impact can potentially be detrimental to the animal's back, hips, or shoulders. It may be apparent that your cat is nursing some manner of physical injury — maybe it isn't as quick as usual, or is abstaining from jumping to and from high heights.


Horse owners have a significant amount of money invested in their animals, which makes providing top-notch medical care critical. While you may have a veterinarian visit your horse whenever you're concerned about something, don't overlook the value of also arranging for a visit from a chiropractor — ideally one who specializes in equine care. Back injuries are possible when a horse slips in uneven terrain, jumps during an equestrian event, or even moves awkwardly while getting up from the ground after having a nap. In each case, your animal chiropractor can fix the issue to improve the horse's mobility and restore its quality of life.

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