Understanding Medical Problems

What Leukopaks Are And What They Are Used For

Blood and plasma donors often go to donation clinics or mobile clinics to donate whole blood or blood plasma. Where these collected and donated blood products help soldiers, burn victims, and patients with an inability to produce healthy amounts of blood cells because of liver or bone marrow diseases, leukopaks go beyond that. Leukopaks are blood cell collections with boosters that contain higher levels and concentrations of the multiple kinds of blood cells. They are enriched through injecting donators with special shots that encourage the blood and/or liver to produce higher amounts of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, leukocytes, and/or plasma. Here is what these highly-specialized blood collections are used for.

Cancer Patients

Cancer patients, especially those with leukemia, liver cancer, cancers of the blood, and bone marrow cancer, need to replace certain blood cells faster in order to remain disease-resistant during treatment. Without these special blood products enriched with double the various blood cells, cancer patients would have to remain in a hospital away from everyone they love to avoid getting anything from the common cold to pneumonia. The extra blood cells boost and support their weakened immune systems.

Patients With Liver Disease

Whether the liver disease is a genetic disorder, or one caused by excessive drinking, leukopaks can help. The liver in these situations is unable to produce enough healthy red blood cells that are devoid of poisons. So, the patient is anemic, weak, tired all of the time, unable to exercise, etc.. The boosted blood paks help the patient lead a more normal life again, or at least until a suitable liver can be found to replace the diseased liver. 

Infants Who Need a Blood Transfusion

Fetuses in utero with dangerous congenital conditions and newborns with blood disorders often need a blood transfusion to survive. These blood paks contain a lot of stem cells, which the infants and fetuses can use to convert to healthier cells and become more immune to the problems endangering their health. Parents who want to protect or save their unborn or newborn babes can get a lot from these unique blood products.

The Cost of the Leukopaks

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of these blood products. Others will not. You will need to check with your own insurance company to see if these blood paks are covered, or if they are only covered under the most dire of circumstances. They are not cheap and are on par with a couple doses of interferon.

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