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Ask Your Physician These Questions When You're Prescribed An Opioid

You don't need to look far to see warning signs about the so-called "opioid epidemic" that is present in today's society. TV news stories, feature articles in local newspapers, and even first-hand accounts shared on social media can all make you concerned about opioid abuse and its associated death toll. As such, you might feel a more than hesitant when your physician indicates that he or she is going to give you a prescription for a type of opioid. Despite their abuse-related issues, there are certainly benefits to this type of drug, including its ability to lower pain for those who are ill or injured. However, given that dependency can rear its ugly head and send you to a detox from opiates treatment program, you want to be careful about whatever you take. Here are some questions to ask your doctor.

What Are The Chances That I Get Addicted?

You're likely thinking concerning thoughts about addiction, so there's no harm in coming out and sharing what's on your mind. Ask your physician about the likeliness of you getting addicted to your medication and assess what he or she says. Many doctors will tell you that if you carefully follow the dosage instructions and don't succumb to the temptation of taking an extra pill just to feel better, the chance of you developing an opioid addiction is small.

Is There Another Option?

Even though some people appreciate the health benefits that opioids offer, they may be reluctant to accept a prescription for these drugs. Don't be afraid to ask your physician if there's another option for you to consider. You'll usually find that doctors won't give you a prescription unless it's needed, but if you show a high degree of resistance to taking opioids, your doctor may be able to discuss some alternative approaches for you when it comes to managing your pain.

How Will I Know That I'm Becoming Dependent?

If you've never experienced any sort of addiction, you might be concerned about developing a dependency to your opioid prescription without realizing it. By the time that you notice there's a problem, the addiction could be even tougher to kick. Any physician will be happy to talk to you about the signs of addiction, which you can then watch for. For example, you might feel like taking a pill even if your pain isn't bothering you. Should you already be taking an opioid prescription and feel that you're addicted to the drug, seek help from a local treatment center.