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Four Myths About Assisted Living That You Should Not Let Affect Your Decision

Have you reached the stage in life where you're ready to do a bit less? Maybe you're tired of caring for a huge home, and perhaps preparing all of your own meals has become a bit of a burden. Friends and family members have have suggested assisted living, but you've heard some things about assisted living that you really don't like. Here's the good news: many of those things you've heard might just be myths. Here's a look at four common myths about assisted living, along with the actual truth.

1. You'll lose your independence.

People often have visions of nurses caring for them completely when they're in assisted living. What you're picturing is more of a nursing home than assisted living, however. Moving into assisted living does not mean you have to give up your independence. The caregivers can help you with any tasks you need help with, but they'll leave you to do anything else yourself. For instance, maybe you need help cleaning and cooking, but you can dress and bathe completely on your own. They'll let you do so.

2. Assisted living is too expensive.

Assisted living is far more affordable than most people think. Your exact cost will vary, but in most cases, you'll pay by the month as you would for an apartment, and the cost is only a few hundred dollars more than what you would pay to rent an apartment. For that few hundred dollars, you get the peace of mind of knowing that if something happens and you do need more help, there are people around to help you.

3. Assisted living is for people "at the end."

Again, you are probably thinking more of nursing homes than of assisted living facilities if you think these homes are for people who have little time left! There are plenty of vibrant residents in their 60s and 70s living in assisted living communities. As you grow older, the employees can provide more services as you need them. By no means do you need to wait until you're confined to a wheelchair or have had a stroke to move in.

4. Assisted living communities are boring.

Actually, most older adults find that assisted living is a lot more fun than continuing to live at home! You gain access to a whole community of people your own age, many of whom share your interests. Most communities have game nights, art classes, and other activities to keep residents entertained. And you don't have to drive to them or get a ride!

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