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Topics To Discuss When You Attend Your Hearing Aid Follow-Up Appointment

Getting hearing aids typically involves a series of appointments. First, you'll get your hearing tested. If the hearing professional deems that you have some degree of hearing loss, you'll attend another appointment to get hearing aids. Many clinics will then have you wear your new hearing aids for a specific amount of time, and then see you again to assess your progress. This appointment is a good opportunity for you to share any questions and concerns, as well as details that you've noticed, so that you can be as comfortable as possible moving forward. Here are some topics that you'll want to discuss.


There's no doubt that wearing hearing aids for the first time requires a little getting used to. At the start, you might be constantly aware of your hearing aids, but this feeling will generally subside and you'll eventually not even think about their presence. However, if you're more aware of the hearing aids than you wish to be, or perhaps even find one of them to be a little uncomfortable after you've worn it for an extended amount of time, it's advantageous to bring up this topic when you meet with your hearing professional.


You'll get a tutorial in how to clean and maintain your hearing aids when you pick them up, but this appointment may touch on so many areas that you realize you're not confident when it's time to clean them. Hearing aids should be cleaned regularly so that they perform properly, so your follow-up session is the perfect opportunity to once again have your hearing professional go over the steps that you need to follow to clean these devices.


Your follow-up session is also the perfect opportunity to discuss the impact that your hearing aids are having in your life. For most hearing aid clients, the impact in going from no hearing aids to hearing aids is immediately noticeable — namely, you'll be able to hear with much greater ease. Your hearing professional wants to serve you well and ensure that you're 100 percent satisfied with your new devices, so make sure to detail the impact that your hearing aids have had, using specific examples to illustrate your points. For example, you might talk about how much easier it is to hear the phone ringing, which prevents you from missing long-distance phone calls from a child who lives in a distant state.

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