Understanding Medical Problems

Considerations For Using Medical Marijuana Edibles

If your doctor has written you a prescription to obtain medical marijuana for pain or another type of issue, you may have a number of different ways of taking the substance. Although marijuana is often synonymous with smoking, medical marijuana users commonly put the drug in a vaporizer and inhale the fumes. Alternatively, you can get concentrated oil that you place under your tongue. Another option is what is commonly known as cannabinoid (CBD) "edibles" — candy-like gummies that contain medical marijuana in them. If you decide that this approach will work best for you, here are some things to keep in mind.

Store Them Securely

One of the things to remember about medical marijuana edibles is that they're often colorful, and the combination of a bright color and a gummy appearance may make your children drawn to them. While you could likely keep a bottle of cannabinoid oil on your kitchen or bathroom counter without your children taking any notice, this won't be true with your edibles. You don't want your kids seeing them, thinking that they're candy, and ingesting them, as the results could be serious. If you opt for edibles, make sure to store them securely. Ideally, you'll be able to keep them in a locked container.

Don't Take Too Much

One of the issues that you might experience upon taking a medical marijuana edible is that you don't feel any relief for your pain right away. It's always critical to follow your physician's dosage instructions, but you may feel as though he or she underprescribed you. This could compel you to take another edible. The thing to know, however, is that edibles take a bit of time to kick in. This can mean that if you take a second one instead of waiting to feel the effects from the first, you may experience unwanted side effects.

Experiment With Different Products

Although marijuana edibles often appear as candy-like gummies, the retailer at which you're getting your product may have alternative edibles for you to consider. Some people enjoy the gummy taste and texture, but if this isn't for you, there are other CBD products for sale. For example, there might be a chocolate bar-like product that contains medical marijuana, or there could be a commercially baked good, such as a brownie. The more you experiment, the more ease you'll have with finding what works for you and what products taste the best to you.