Understanding Medical Problems

Misleading Mobility Scooter Misinformation

Your personal mobility can be one of the most important factors in determining your quality of life and sense of personal freedom. However, there are many conditions that can have major impacts on a person's mobility, and these patients may need to utilize mobility scooters if they are to minimize these impacts.

Myth: A Person Must Be Totally Disabled to Benefit from Using Mobility Scooters

There is a common assumption that a person will need to be totally disabled in order to be able to benefit from a mobility scooter. However, many of these scooters are designed for use by individuals with mild to moderate mobility impairments. For example, many older individuals will find these scooters can help them to better manage arthritis pain or other conditions that could impact mobility.

Myth: Mobility Scooters Are Completely Waterproof

While mobility scooters are designed to take a fair amount of punishment and wear, individuals will still want to avoid allowing them to get excessively wet. If a mobility scooter becomes excessively wet, there are a few problems that it may experience. Individuals will often focus on the risk of electrical problems with the unit, but moisture can also be harmful to the upholstery as it can start to grow mold and mildew. If your scooter gets significantly wet from rain or other moisture, you should dry it as soon as possible to help limit these issues.

Myth: A Mobility Scooter Will Be Hard to Control

When a patient first starts to use a mobility scooter, they may be under the assumption that this scooter is going to be extremely difficult for them to use. There will be a learning curve for most individuals as these scooters can take a little practice to become comfortable using. However, most patients will find that they can adjust to using these scooters in as little as a few days. Practicing using the scooter around your home and neighborhood can help you with learning to effectively control and maneuver it.

Myth: The Battery of a Mobility Scooter Will Be Unreliable and Difficult to Charge

In order to function for long periods of time, a modern electric mobility scooter will have a high-capacity battery for providing power to the control and motors. These batteries are able to last for many hours before they need to be charged again. However, patients that rely on these scooters will still want to develop the habit of checking the current charge level of their scooter's battery before they use it. Otherwise, individuals may find that they leave the house with a scooter that has a low battery charge.