Understanding Medical Problems

4 Ways To Treat Your Ailment With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states. This is great news since medical marijuana can be used to treat many common ailments, ranging from anxiety to chronic pain. After you've gotten your medical marijuana card, you'll need to choose the cannabis that's right for your symptoms.

The strain of cannabis that you choose matters; some varieties may work better than others for certain conditions, so you may need to figure out what's best for you through trial and error. However, the method of delivery can also have an effect. Here are four ways to treat your ailment using medical marijuana:

1. Topical Ointments

While cannabis is usually used internally, topical ointments made with cannabis extract can provide pain relief where you need it most. Cannabis is not psychoactive when applied to your skin, so you'll be able to use topical ointments even when you need to maintain full alertness. In conjunction with another method of cannabis delivery, this can be an effective method of managing chronic pain.

2. Smoking

Smoking is the delivery system that most people think of when they think of medical marijuana. Smoking medical marijuana has a low barrier of entry. All you need is a pipe or rolling papers, so you will be able to medicate with little fuss. However, smoking cannabis carries many of the same risks as smoking cigarettes. The combustion of the plant matter releases carcinogens, which can be harmful to your lungs over time.

3. Edibles

You can find food and beverages infused with cannabis extract at any medical marijuana dispensary. These foods are called edibles, and they're an odor-free way to use medical marijuana. Many people find that the effect of edibles is longer-lasting and more gradual than other delivery methods. When eating edibles for the first time, make sure to start slowly. Eat only a little at a time since you can always increase your dose later if needed, but you cannot decrease the dose once it has been ingested.

4. Vaporizing

Vaporizing or vaping cannabis is a healthier alternative than smoking. To vape, you will need to put your cannabis into the chamber of a specially designed vaporizer. The vaporizer will heat your cannabis, releasing THC and other medicinal components for you to inhale. Since no combustion takes place, carcinogens are not released. That makes vaporizing a safer way to treat your ailments with medical marijuana.

If you're planning on using medical marijuana, then talk with a local medical marijuana dispensary about the option that would work the best for you.