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Has Your Child Recovered From a Traumatic Brain Injury? Signs They May Benefit From Vision Rehab

If your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury, there's a good chance that they've also suffered injuries to their vision. You might not think that a traumatic brain injury can cause vision damage, but that's not the case. Vision damage is a frequent issue associated with traumatic brain injury. But, it can be difficult to identify, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. If your child is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, watch for the following signs. If your child is experiencing any of the issues described below, they may benefit from traumatic brain injury vision rehabilitation. 

Blurred Vision

If your child is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and they've been experiencing blurred vision, they may need vision rehabilitation. A traumatic brain injury can interfere with your child's ability to change focus between different objects. This is especially true where objects that are of differing distances are concerned. For instance, your child may not be able to change focus between objects that are near and far away. This inability to focus can lead to double vision. Vision rehabilitation can help your child to overcome this traumatic brain injury-related vision disorder.

Double Vision

If your child has developed a problem with double vision since recovering from a traumatic brain injury, their eyes may no longer be moving in unison. Traumatic brain injuries can cause the eyes to start moving independently of each other. Unfortunately, when that happens, the eyes may experience double vision. That's because the eyes are actually processing two separate signals. If your child is now experiencing double vision, it's time to talk to their rehabilitation team about vision rehab. 

Loss of Balance

If your child has experienced a loss of balance since suffering a traumatic brain injury, talk to their rehab team about potential vision complications. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a loss of balance on their own. But, they can also cause the vision problems that can lead to vision-related loss of balance. This is especially true if your child experiences a loss of balance while involved in computer activities, such as screen-scrolling. If this is the case, your child may be in need of traumatic brain injury vision rehabilitation. 

Light Sensitivity

Finally, if your child has developed light sensitivity since recovering from a traumatic brain injury, they may benefit from vision rehabilitation. After a traumatic injury, the brain can have a difficult time processing light, especially bright light, or fluorescent light. In addition to changing the light bulbs in your home, you should also talk to your child's doctor about traumatic brain injury vision rehab