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Knowing When To See A Urologist As An Aging Man

As men age, their bodies often go through significant changes that can be painful if not correctly anticipated and managed. For example, men may struggle with urinary tract conditions or other problems that may affect their health in unexpected ways. In this situation, working with a urologist is essential for both preventative and curative help.

Reasons Aging Men Need to See a Urologist Right Away

A male's urinary tract is one of the more used parts of their body and can become worn down as time passes. These problems may be caused by simple aging-related issues or more complex issues caused by underlying diseases. In this situation, it is essential to work with a urologist to get high-quality care right away. A few situations when seeing a urologist is essential for aging men include when:

Experiencing Incontinence: While it is true that people do lose some control over their bladders as they age, excessive incontinence may be caused by various problems that a urologist can help treat. In this way, aging men can feel comfortable and avoid accidents that may embarrass them.

Developing Frequent UTIs: Urinary tract infections or UTIs typically occur when bacteria spread into a male's urinary tract and can be quite painful. While UTIs are more common in women, men can still develop this infection and may need various antibacterial medications to help minimize their pain and suffering.

Feeling Kidney Problems: Kidney diseases are a serious problem that can cause a broad range of symptoms, including high blood pressure, swollen hands, ankles, and feet, and pain when touching the lower abdomen. A urologist can diagnose and treat these problems and minimize pain.

Noticing Infertility or Erectile Dysfunction: Infertility and erectile dysfunction may indicate lingering urological problems, such as infections or even tissue damage. Working with a urologist can diagnose these symptoms and help a man experience an enjoyable sex life again.

Men experiencing any of these symptoms may have underlying diseases that could affect their urinary tract health and which could cause more lingering concerns. Thankfully, urologists can not only identify these underlying issues but also diagnose other problems a man may notice.

Finding a Urologist

There are many ways aging men can find a urologist that they can trust. The first is to talk with their doctor about their problems and let them connect them to a urology specialist. Primary care doctors can not only help find these doctors but set up appointments and ensure insurance covers a person's treatment. Men looking for a urologist can also seek one out online and schedule an appointment themselves.

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