Understanding Medical Problems


2 Reasons Adult Mental Health Care Is More Important Than Ever

If you have an older adult in your life that you care about, then you may tend to ask them about their physical health from time to time to determine if they need to visit a doctor or if their current physical health problems are being managed well. However, you should also get into the habit of asking them questions about their mental health and noting any mental hea

Why Inpatient Treatment Is Often Best for Binge Eating Disorder

For years, the term "eating disorder" was seen as being synonymous with anorexia. But more recently, other eating disorders have become more widely recognized. Binge eating disorder is one of these. While practitioners and patients have become much better at recognizing it, there still seems to be an underlying assumption that it's not as serious or does not require s

An Integrative Medicine Approach To Combat Autoimmune Diseases

There are a wide range of autoimmune diseases that can affect organs, joints, mucous membranes and tear ducts, and the thyroid. Integrative medicine is a way to bring autoimmune diseases under control without medication. Diet One of the first approaches used in integrative medicine is to assess your diet and make changes. Many types of food can have an inflammatory ef

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider PRP Stem Cell Therapy

PRP stem cell therapy has gained overwhelming popularity in the United States in recent years. If you have osteoarthritis, back pain, chronic tendon pain, or an orthopedic injury, you can choose the therapy as your treatment of choice. You can try it and experience how your body's natural tissues can facilitate faster healing. What Is PRP Stem Cell Therapy? PRP and st

How Do General Surgeons Prevent Infections?

The risk of infection is one that comes with any surgery. Whenever a surgeon makes an incision in your body and then closes up that incision, there is some chance that the incision will become infected with bacteria. However, while some risk will always be present, surgeons go to great lengths to minimize that risk. This should give you some comfort as you prepare for