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Has Your Child Recovered From a Traumatic Brain Injury? Signs They May Benefit From Vision Rehab

If your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury, there's a good chance that they've also suffered injuries to their vision. You might not think that a traumatic brain injury can cause vision damage, but that's not the case. Vision damage is a frequent issue associated with traumatic brain injury. But, it can be difficult to identify, especially if you don't know w

How Omega-3 Softgels Can Help With Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety impact millions of lives every year. Thankfully, treatment has become better over the years, and now even includes supplements like omega-3 fatty softgels to help those with depression or anxiety. Supplements might be recommended by a doctor or clinical psychologist, or you can try them out on your own if they are over-the-counter. Omega 3 Provi

Early Signs You Should See A Neurologist About Parkinson's Disease

Because several celebrities are known to suffer from Parkinson's disease, like Michael J. Fox or Neil Diamond, most people are familiar with the condition. However, they tend to be most familiar with the disease's later stages and more obvious symptoms, such as persistent tremors and vision loss. Before these symptoms develop, most patients have more minor symptoms th

Seeing The Signs: Is A Weight Loss Clinic Right For You?

Eat less, exercise more, and the pounds will drop off, right? Well, if you've ever tried to lose a substantial amount of weight, you know it's not nearly that simple. Weight loss can be a real struggle for so many different reasons, and many people need help in order to be successful in their weight loss endeavors. That help can come in the form of attending a weight